Our vision
YuKan’s ambition

Using the environmental performance as a criterion of choice and a lever for development

YuKan gives manufacturers a digital tool to evaluate and score the environmental performance of their products but also to discover levers to optimize their performance through a dynamic eco-design approach, and finally to value it by consumers.

For consumers, YuKan gives a new criterion for choosing among the products and sorting out the real and the false environmental promises This way the consumer could become master of his purchases and challenge industrials to change their practices. Yukan offers the possibility to consumers to be the players of the sustainable development and see the effects of their collective power.

YuKan’s ambition

YuKan’s ambition is to make environmental performance a new criterion for consumer choices and a new lever for development, innovation and differentiation for manufacturers.

Through each sale and purchase, we can have an impact on the world and its ecological transition, much more than any other player! YuKan gives you the possibility to understand and use your personal power, thanks to its new objective selection criterion.

After less than 2 years of existence, with its complementary team of professionals, YuKan developed an original online technology, the first one to model the European Commission new method regarding environmental footprint assessment (PEF guide).

Origins of the project

Sustainable development paradox ...

Sustainable development is a major issue that everyone is talking about... But paradoxically in the jungle of thousands of labels and other unfounded environmental statements :

  • There is no mean for the consumer to have an objective view of the environmental performance of the products that he consumes and therefore to make responsible choices.

  • Proactive manufacturers have no way of valuing the environmental performance of their products in the face of sceptical consumers.

The opportunity

The European Commission adopted in 2015 a scientific and rigorous method for objective assessment of the environmental footprint of products, the fruit of a European scientific consensus. This method has been experimented in the framework of the important Single Market for Green Products program run by the European Commission.

Although validated by this testing phase, because of the complexity of its implementation, this method remains today inaccessible and reserved for some actors experts in LCA methods.

A true technological disruption removing all obstacles to the exploitation of the new EU method and opening a new era!

YuKan’s founders participated as experts in the EC testing phase.

They imagined and designed a technology, an original digital concept, to model this new method, removing all obstacles to its operational use by industries and disrupting current practices.

Who is YuKan for ?
YuKan explained by his president,
Christophe Girardier

Interview on the media Frenchweb (In French)

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