I'm a manufacturer
I evaluate the performance of my products and I take actions

I provide the data to evaluate my products

As manufacturer, with YuKan, you can easily evaluate the environmental performance of your product without any LCA expertise.

To perform the environmental evaluation of my products, YuKan asks for only relevant data.

According to EU method (PEF guide and related published PEFCR), YuKan covers all life cycle stages.

I discover the score of my products

I discover the environmental performance of my products. This performance reflects the impact of the product on the environment according to 13 indicators, as recommended by the European Commission.

The score is given in absolute value (“PEF points”): the smaller the value, the less the product impacts the environment.

The “PEF point » reflect the global environmental impact of the product using the best normalization and weighting methods, recommended by the European Commission.

I understand the explanatory factors of the performance

I discover the relative impact of each stage and sub-stage of my supply-chain and identify dynamically my “hotspots” and where to act in priority.

By showing me the contribution of each life cycle stage, this online service helps me to understand the explanatory factors of the environmental performance of my product and to identify the best levers of improvement.

I improve the performance of my product

Based on the levers of improvement identified in the previous step, YuKan allows me to perform a dynamic eco-design simulation to design a product with a better environmental performance.

YuKan provides me the comparison between my product and the eco-improved product.

I build my own environmental report at the group, brand, plant,… level

I have access to a dynamic performance tracking report and an online dashboard that cover my full product portfolio;

YuKan allows me to analyze my product portfolio and identify the best in class product categories.

I valorize my efforts

With its consumer community, YuKan is the best place to concretely valorize my efforts (implementation of my action plan).

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